Botox for Calves

Calf Reduction with Botox: Best Non-Surgical Treatment Beauty Preferences in Asia – Slender Legs: Non-Surgical Calf Reduction Beauty ideals are subjective and can vary considerably from one culture to the next. In the West lean, toned bodies with accentuated muscle definition are considered healthy and beautiful. In Asian countries such as China, Japan and Malaysia a muscular physique is less desirable and slender bodies are found more attractive. This especially true when it comes to the lower legs – the calves specifically – and you live in one of these countries you may be seeking calf reduction with Botox to look and feel better when wearing skirts and dresses. Non-Invasive Calf Reduction: Less Downtime and Pain If you’re a woman of Asian descent you may be prone to shorter, more muscular calves (a condition referred to as muscular hypertrophy). A brief anatomy lesson: the lower legs are supported by two…