Hair Transplant


Niran’s Amazing Hair Transformation Story

Niran is the ideal Thai young man. Healthy, smart, hardworking, and respectful to elders. Niran is also very handsome, or he would be if he didn’t have a distressing hair malady. Niran has an “M” shaped hairline or as it is known medically male hair pattern baldness. This awkward and ugly development makes his forehead jut out in a most unusual fashion. It makes the 25-year-old Niran look at least 15 years older than he really is. Says Niran, “I think this came from my genes. My uncle experienced the same thing, and I also have a cousin whose forehead is shaped like an M. However, they are both well above 45 years old. My problem seems t have come to me at too young an age.” Generally Thai youths of both genders are known for their sublime beauty, and the local tourist trade hinges a lot on foreigners visiting…


Dealing with my Hair loss problem the Masterpiece Hospital way

Hair is an important feature in the aesthetics of human beings. It gives warmth, beauty, and self-esteem to everyone. As a woman of Asian heritage, hair is very important to me. Hair in the Asian culture symbolizes loveliness and even fertility. My hair was not overly long but was a mid-length, raven black affair with lovely highlights at the tip. My Life I am 30 years old, reasonably attractive, and in the food and hospitality business. I have a family and I am a happy, socially active individual. My job requires that I meet all kinds of people, and to do that, I must have a certain level of self-confidence. Therefore when I began to experience some hair loss several months ago, I was naturally concerned. Problem My hair loss problem began so gently that it was barely unnoticeable. The first real signs were perhaps a little more hair left…