Being Nosy: Life After Rhinoplasty

” I wanted to be a better version of myself, I just didn’t know how to begin. It was a big leap for me when I decided to get rhinoplasty in Bangkok, and it’s a decision that changed my life forever. ” Everyone wants to be a better version of themselves. We go to school to earn a degree, go to the gym to be physically fit, do good deeds so we can be better people. All this is well and good and works towards building better versions of ourselves. But some things you just can’t change; no matter how many degrees you earn, no matter how many calories you burn, or how many favors you dole out. Like many others, I have struggled with self-esteem issues. It felt like no matter what I did or how I excelled, I still felt insecure around others. Rhinoplasty is the process of…


Rhinoplasty: Know Before You Go

Rhinoplasty is the fourth most popular cosmetic surgical procedure done worldwide especially in Bangkok, Thailand. There are thousands of patients undergoing rhinoplasty at any given time in the world. You can be one of them. And with the right knowledge and a good cosmetic surgeon, you can well be on your way to achieving the nose shape, form and style that you’ve always wanted for yourself. There are many things that you have to consider when planning on undergoing rhinoplasty. Here we break down the things that you need to know before you go under the knife. Rhinoplasty Has Been Around Since Antiquity You may be surprised to know that rhinoplasty has been around for centuries. The earliest record of a primitive, albeit successful rhinoplasty, was done as early as 800 B.C. by an Indian surgeon. His works were recorded on a medical compilation and have become the reference for…


Student Dreams Come True Via Nose Reconstruction in Masterpiece Hospital

Instead of the ideal eyes or lips, my desire was for a perfect nose.  I want to say a big thank you to Dr. Benz of the Masterpiece Hospital, for making this dream come true. As young ladies, many of our desires can be to have the perfect body structure. Many seek the perfect eye, perfect lips, perfect legs and many more. This faultless body structure is what enhances our beauty and self-confidence.  Also, it makes us less conscious of ourselves in public and less envious of our peers who have those great facial or body features that we do not have. For some, having all these wonderful features is genetically derived, as they were born that way. Others are not so lucky.  And this latter group, unfortunately, is where I fall into. My Life Before I’m a young lady who is still in college and trying to get my…